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Solasta Wellness Center

We started in the mid 90's with Reiki and our massage studio which grew and added a retail aromatherapy store which then added a massage school. Growing, expanding, adding more services and products and training. And throughout all of our growth and learning we were exposed to the holistic community, picking up new tricks and meeting wonderful healers and mystics. We learned a lot and discovered how little we appreciated the allopathic healing model.

An so here we are... starting a wellness center amidst the Covid Pandemic.

Come join us in creating a wellness model that can remain true to the natural methods of maintaining health and well-being.

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What we offer

Back Massage
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Deep Tissue

This is our signature massage! Come enjoy a wonderful session that will ease your discomfort and allow you to rest easy once again!

You can add CBD, Hot Stones, and Cupping to enhance your experience.

Energy Work

We use Reiki to sooth your energetic field as well as re-align your chakras, clear your auric and energetic bodies.

Toning bowls and tuning forks are also used for sound therapies to focus your inner self

Halo Therapy

We have a Salt Booth to help focus the aerosolized Himalayan salt crystals that will provide relief for your respiratory system as well as any exposed skin areas that need treatment too.

You will breathe and feel better with every session you get.

See more info page for details and references

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Aromatherapy Classes

We offer classes, workshops and training for all sorts of essential oil topics and projects. Whether it is a private consultation about very specific signs and symptoms or a general information workshop... you can be sure that you will enjoy the wonderful learning atmosphere that you will find here.


We have our BioMat up and running as part of the therapy services we offer. The BioMat is filled with Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals which produce negative ions when charged with the Far Infra Red generator in the pad. The Ion field envelopes you as you lie down and relax while the mat does it's job.

The Biomat is extremely useful in helping with: Reduction of Pain & Stiffness, Detoxifying the Body, Muscle & Joint Pain Treatment, Reducing Chronic Fatigue.

This very relaxing session is available to you now!

See more info page for details and references

Aromatherapy products

We carry a great selection of aromatherapy products from a reliable variety of dealers.

We vet our sources carefully and know you will be very happy with the product lines we carry. Our assortment ranges from essential, fragrance and carrier oils to dry products, CBD products, bottles, containers, ready made salves, MONQ and Himalayan Salt products. Come in and see what everyone is raving about!

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Very clean, professional business. My back and hips feel 100% better than they have in 6 years! So many wonderful things to say!!!!

Sierra E.