Our Mission

It is our goal to help our patrons find a natural way to achieve optimum health. Of course our society is rooted in allopathic (western) medicine and it does have it's place when your health is beyond gentle natural methods. But we also acknowledge the wisdom of the east, and native traditions in using gentler, more natural methods in achieving optimum health through good postural habits, better nutrition, healthy self care and an understanding of how our daily behaviors are many times the root cause of our ailments.

If we can plant that "seed" of awareness then we have helped you begin your path to wholeness and health.

Our team

Is comprised of professional healers who have over 40 years combined experience in multiple disciplines including sound therapies, reiki, energy work, and a variety of healing modalities.

We also have a network of professionals with expertise in many modalities that complement what we offer. In a situation where we need to bring in complementary methods then we do so without hesitation as your well being is our greatest wish.