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About Our Sessions

Tranquility Sessions 

Swedish Relaxation features long flowing strokes that will melt away your stresses and leave you floating on the table totally relaxed. These are done through the Colorado Springs School of Massage. Their Students are in training and offer their talents as they hone their skills to meet their graduation requirements. You can count on a very well done tranquility session with emphasis on problem areas. They are not here to do professional quality sessions and if hat is what you are looking for we can certainly refer you to a highly qualified professional.

Reiki Sessions

​Reiki Sessions meld the therapist with the client in a fusion of energy and life force replenishment.  Your therapist will do a hands on session that will leave you flushed of your disabling negative energies and you will be renewed throughout your mind, body and spirit.

Bio-Reiki Sessions

Experience all the benefits of a Reiki Session plus the benefits of the BioMat. The negative ion field and power of the Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals in the BioMat will enhance the session to give you a wonderful physical response as well as the energetic benefits of the Reiki. A session that is a huge hit with our clients.

Chakra Balancing

In this session your energy centers, Chakras, will be assessed for correct flow and condition. Many of our daily stressors and significant life events can and will cause a chakra to go out of balance. This out of balance condition affects your entire energy system and you will feel out of sorts, emotionally depleted, angry or depressed, and even unable to get quality rest. Through energy work we can restore the balance to your system and get you back to your normal self.


Auric Clearing

So often we deal with people that are angry, upset, or just plain mean. And very often they project these undesirable qualities unto those around them. We first feel these "attacks" in our outermost  energetic fields... our Auric field. When we do not recognize this energetic garbage clogging our fields then it will eventually penetrate and affect us and soon we are in that same condition of anger or emotional "yuck". Come in and let us clear that energetic garbage and clean you up. A healthy dose of reiki will top you off after we have you cleaned up.